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Resume Audit

This service is a 30-minute comprehensive resume evaluation that includes a summary of recommendations to help you improve and strengthen your resume.


Your resume will get noticed and get the hiring manager’s attention.

Slay Your Interview Program

Slay Your Interview is your step-by-step framework that will teach you how to accurately answer difficult interview questions and build your interviewing confidence. You will get clarity on how to remain your authentic self while still communicating your clear, succinct, compelling professional history with strategies that actually work.


Your years of experience (or lack thereof) don’t matter here! Slay Your Next Interview will give you the strategic tools to take the pressure off of interviewing. This program will give you the actionable tools, individual feedback, and strategic frameworks so that you are prepared, knowledgable, confident, and genuine in your next interview.





Private 1:1 Coaching

Personalize 1-1 support and guidance designed for professional women of color who are ready to go after the career they always wanted and elevate to the next level. One-on-one coaching includes individual support, customized strategies and solutions, and 1:1 sessions conducted virtually.

To apply for 1:1 private coaching, book a free discovery call with me below or DM me on the gram!

Our Products

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How To Prepare for Your Next Interview Cheatsheet

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A Helpful and Handy Checklist to Help You Learn How Interview Like a Pro! 


"It has been a while since I put myself out there in the work world, so I wanted some guidance and support on how to make those next steps. I had been using my resume/cover letter format I created in college and needed to really revamp myself on paper. Merete was able to help give constructive feedback and offer specific suggestions on how to improve my resume and cover letters. She was able to highlight the skills I have developed over my career thus far and how to articulate how those skills translate to any role I looking to pursue. She was personable, honest, and worked as a partner. Since working with her I have been able to identify potential opportunities that will bring me that much closer to my dream job."

-Bianca Williams

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